Yahoo Groups shuts down permanently; 18 years of Service shall be remembered

Yahoo, the American web service provider, has decided to take down all its Groups content on December 14th,2019. Yahoo is shutting down its Groups website and has willingly taken this decision to delete all its content. This pioneer on the Internet is ready to disappear in two phases. By October 28th, you shall no more be able to post any new content through Yahoo and on December 14th, Yahoo shall delete all the previously posted data. The site shall be made vacant, and thus, the internet pioneer is closing.

Currently, Yahoo is entirely owned by Verizon communication through Oath Inc. and was a web service provider. Jerry Yang and David Filo founded Yahoo in January 1994. Until 2017, Marissa Mayer served as the CEO and President of Yahoo. The company announced on Wednesday about winding down its content and completely disappearing by December 21st through a statement which read, “You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded”.

Yahoo shall delete a list of things that are directly or indirectly related to Yahoo groups, and the list mentioned below:
• Photos
• Files
• Links
• Database
• Attachments
• Conversations
• Email updates
• Messaging history and digest
• Calendar
• Folders

Yahoo has also announced that the current groups shall be hard to be accessed and shall become much restricted or private for the use. And thus, people who have been using the same are now concerned about ways to save their posts and activities before they get permanently removed. Hence, Yahoo has suggested how you can keep the data by directly downloading the files from the group’s page or by signing in Group page and requesting to download the group data.

With the whole process of deletion through phases, Yahoo’s 18 years of existence till now shall be hugely missed by a vast percentage of the group as this has done very primal but essential tasks in our life. The reason why Yahoo is being shut has no proper explanation, but the fact that social media has evolved into such deep engrossing of lives has shown Yahoo that its appearance is not much incentive to this with the presence of platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and discord which fit much more in our lives.

A Reddit user wrote,” What’s a good way to download specific Yahoo groups? I’m a member of a private one run by Cold War vets, and a lot of the information and discussion there isn’t replaceable.”.

This did imply that people are absolutely worried regarding the loss of their very important messages and information. It is not the first time that Yahoo is doing this erasing and deletion of things in phases. The same thing happened in 2009 when Yahoo shut down the GeoCities which did take 7 million personal websites with it. Lastly, the company’s shutting down of its Groups content by deleting is a sweet and sour experience for the general users.

The company’s notice reads,” “Beginning October 28th, you won’t be able to upload any more content to the site, and as of December 14th, all previously posted content on the site will be permanently removed. You’ll have until that date to save anything you’ve uploaded. All public groups will be made private or restricted,” Yahoo said. Users will continue to “be able to communicate with your groups via email and search for private groups on the site,”

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