Netflix raising $2 billion in debt to fund more original content

The biggest streaming service, Netflix, has raised another debt this year in order to fund its content. The fund would not only be used for content raising but also for programming, advertisement, investments, and much more. The decision to increase the funds was to make more shows and series to maintain its standard in the market.

Recently, Netflix has faced some of the biggest rivals of the year. With the upcoming Apple TV+ and Disney+, Netflix would be facing real difficulty in maintaining its popularity. Apple had recently announced in its hardware event that it would be releasing a streaming service very soon, which would consist of movies and originals, which the subscribers can watch by paying a nominal charge.

As compared to Netflix, the subscription fee of Apple TV+ is much less. The trailers of the series, which would appear on Apple TV+, have arrived and have received fame already. Not only that, even HBO has made its streaming service available, which consists of some of the most famous shows of all time.

Due to such rivals, Netflix had to take some steps to retain its customers from subscribing to other streaming services. The streaming service form Disney would be a favorite among the kids as the shows in the Disney Plus is being said to be kids friendly. Once these streaming services hit the market, it would be difficult for Netflix to maintain its position.

Amazon Prime TV had already been a rival in the past, but Netflix somehow managed to maintain the peak position despite all the competition. It can be said that Netflix is taking precautions so that it can give proper competition to the upcoming streaming services.

“We don’t shy away from taking bold swings if we think the business impact will also be amazing. We don’t chase every deal on the table,” stated Hastings in his letter to the shareholders.

With the cash coming in, Netflix is planning to make more original series and would be spending more on the content so that the company would not have to depend on the fame of one show. There are many shows that Netflix has given us, which are not only amazing, but even the content is quite unique.

Shows such as Stranger things, 13 reasons why, Orange is the new black, Dark, Black Mirror, Narcos, The Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, The Haunting of the Hill house are just a few to name, which has bought Netflix some of the best profits that the company has ever seen.

Not only the series, but even the movies that Netflix has produced were some of the famous ones, like, To All the Boys I’ve ever loved, Tall Girl, El Camino, Fyre, The fundamentals of caring, 1922, Death Note, Roma and many more. These movies and shows were loved by the people and have provided the company with great profits.

Though Netflix would be having some rivalry issues in the near future, there are some chances that subscribers would be switching to other streaming services, thanks to the great content that Netflix has been providing for years.

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