Mixer drops its subscription price from $5.99 to $4.99 to attract more streamers; just like Twitch

The Microsoft owned live video game streaming platform, ‘Mixer’ has dropped its price from $5.99 to $4.99, making it more affordable to the streamers out there. The reason behind the change in the subscription of Mixer is still unknown, but it’s suspected that Mixer is in a mood to compete with ‘Twitch’ a live video game streaming platform just like Mixer.

Twitch is also a live Video game streaming service provider by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. While on the other hand, Mixer is a Microsoft owned platform which provides the same streaming service like Twitch. Mixer announced its cut in the price of its subscription on 30th October 2019 from $5.99 to $4.99, which means that both Twitch and Mixer will be having the same price for their streaming service.
The company twitted, “Good News everyone! Starting today all the subscriptions will now be changing from $5.99 to $4.99 going forward when subscribing to any of your partners.”

The story doesn’t end here, to win this war Mixer even swayed Shroud (Michael Grzemiek) and Cory Michael (KingGothalion) over to its side. Michael Grzemiek professionally known as ‘Shroud’ in the realm of video streaming, is a Canadian Streamer and an ex-professional counter-strike (CS: GO) Global offensive player. And ‘KingGothalion’ is a popular YouTube channel, run and owned by Cory Michael. He was a famous Twitch streamer now Mixer’s and is infamous for attracting millions of followers and views on online platform as well as for creating various well known popular games.

And thus to attract a lot of streamers to its platform, Mixer is currently offering a scheme where the new Mixer streamers can subscribe for a month free to KingGothalion in appreciation to his switch from Twitch to Mixer.

And this doesn’t end here, Richard Tyler Blevins who was better known through his online alias, ‘Ninja’ is one of the big and popular streamers online was the first to make this decision. He left Twitch in August for Mixer which was then followed by two other streamers, Shroud and Cory.

Ninja is an American streamer, infamous YouTuber, professional gamer and an Internet personality with the most followers online, almost millions and an average of 50,000 viewers per week. Ninja has been convincing streamers online about the benefits of Mixer and how the platform helps the streamers to grow and develop their abilities, which sure has gathered some crowd over to Mixer’s side.

Words are also there that Mixer has might gotten to, ‘Tfue’. Turner Ellis Tenney better knew from his online alias, ‘Tfue’ in the realm of video game streaming is an American Twitch streamer, You Tuber, professional gamer and an Infamous Internet personality. He gained most of his success and popularity from playing Fortnite and is also known as ‘the best player’ in the world.

But with streamers such as Shrouds and KingGothalion on Mixer platform now it is sure to gather many of their devoted followers to Mixer platform. It might also be a reason for the cut in the subscription price of the same due to the increase in its Streaming fraternity, increasing their revenue.

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