Microsoft admits Android is the best OS for mobile devices

Microsoft company announced about its next-generation surface devices for the year 2019 and 2020 at the Microsoft 2019 event in NYC. It is going to introduce a new foldable phone, Microsoft Surface Duo which seems appropriate for every intent and work. It is going to roll out in ‘Holiday 2020’. But this is not just the news for today!

Microsoft is planning something very crispy for its users. This new Microsoft device is going to run on Android and not Windows. You heard it right! Microsoft is using Android OS for its new Surface Duo phone and it even mentioned that ‘best OS for this product is Android’ by accepting its ease of use and widespread reach.

Microsoft admitting that Android OS is best is something noteworthy because the Google’s OS Android was the biggest competitor for Microsoft mobiles running on Windows 10. However, this was in past and now Windows 10 proved to be a failed attempt.

Microsoft opting the popular operating system, Android for its new mobile is a wise step on the part of the company. Instead of choosing the previous OS or the OS that was designed by its home company it has taken a very commendable step and the company was also very frank and humble about this decision.

Microsoft chief product manager, Panos Panay explained that “We wanted to meet customers where they were….they were with Android.” But regarding Surface Neo dual-screen laptop, Panay said “the best OS for this device is Windows.” As expected of the Microsoft that overtook the computers and laptops OS network world wide just like the gurgling waves of the ocean.

On the other hand Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, said at the Economic Club of Washington DC, “We were in a field of doing operating systems for personal computers. We knew the mobile phones would be very popular and so we were doing what was called Windows Mobile. We missed being the dominating operating system by a very tiny amount. We were distracted during our antitrust trial. We didn’t assign the best people to do the work. It’s the biggest mistake I made in terms of something that was clearly under or skillset. We that company that should’ve achieved that and we didn’t.”

Now it seems like Microsoft biting off its words. Windows 10 OS failed to grab the attention of the users world-wide. After that it has taken so much time unwinding the division to the level of ending Windows 10 operating system support to its mobile devices later this year. If users still want to use the mobile with Windows 10 OS, then can use but there will not be any updates in future.

By leaving the past ahead and mending its loopholes and looking at its new future innovations, Panay said that “Our commitment is that all products will be serviceable over time.”

For all the Microsoft mobile users, this will be a piece of joyful news. Because till now Microsoft faced many critics for developing devices that are difficult to repair without sending them off to the service centres for long time and it only proved that these devices are costly as well as a failed attempt.

Panay also mentioned that Microsoft users are requesting to make the new device easily repairable and upgradable. This also helps the company to promote itself as a Greener company by reducing its carbon emission.

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