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Kroger Fuel Points Program – Can we get them through survey?

Famous for its excellent customer service, Kroger has started the fuel points program. Kroger aims to expand its consumer base with this venture.

The fuel points program will help you save on fuel whenever you shop at a Kroger store by rewarding points that can be redeemed at participating gas stations to get discounts. What’s more? One lucky shopper can win a gift card worth $5000 that will be awarded in the form of a number of gift cards that can be used at any Kroger store. With more than 2800 grocery stores under various names and 1500 gas stations, you can find one near you and easily avail the offer.

Krogerfeedback Fuel Points

Kroger gives away fuel points under a customer loyalty program. Fuel points can be earned every time you shop at Kroger’s grocery store, visit a pharmacy, or at Fred Meyer Jewellers. Fuel points can be doubled using gift cards. Another easy way of earning fuel points is by participating in the Kroger fuel survey. Participation ensures 50 fuel points. So, how to use Kroger fuel points? These fuel points can be used to get a discount at gas stations that are a part of this program.

When are Fuel points of Kroger awarded?

  • Fuel points can be earned every time you shop at Kroger’s (grocery stores, pharmacies or Fred Meyer Jewellers).
  • 1 fuel point is awarded for every $1 spent.
  • 2x fuel points can be earned using gift cards.For example- $20 spent on groceries= 40 fuel points
  • Feedback fuel points can be earned by taking a short survey online on All you need for the participation in Kroger fuel points survey is your Kroger store receipt not older than 7 days. Now, enter the date, time and entry id provided on the receipt. And Voila! You just earned 50 fuel points through Kroger feedback fuel points survey.

How do Kroger Fuel Points work?

Savings of up to $1 per gallon fuel can be received at Kroger gas stations, and up to 10¢ per gallon of fuel at participating Shell gas stations in a single fill-up .100 fuel points earn a discount of 10¢. (offer cannot be combined with any other discounts). At Kroger gas station, an additional 10¢ discount can be earned with every 100 point increment.

The following examples will make the scheme more clear-

For participating shell gas stations-

  • 100 fuel points = 10¢ discount per gallon of fuel.

For Kroger gas stations-

  • 100 fuel points = 10¢ discount per gallon of fuel
  • 200 fuel points = 10 ¢ discounts per gallon of fuel
  • 1000 fuel points=$1 discount per gallon of

The application of fuel points to avail discount on fuel is restricted to 35 gallons on one fill-up at a Kroger or participating Shell gas station.

Only 100 fuel points can be redeemed at participating Shell gas stations whereas 1000 fuel points can be redeemed at Kroger gas stations in a single fill-up.

What gas stations take Kroger’s Fuel Points?

Kroger fuel points are accepted at all Kroger Gas stations and participating Shell gas stations. With a widely spread network of gas stations (including more than 1500 centres across the nation), you can easily find one near you. Search for gas stations near you on GPS to locate them easily. Now you can visit that gas station for all your fuel requirements and use your fuel points to avail discount effortlessly.

How to redeem Kroger Feedback Fuel Points?

It is very simple to redeem your fuel points at the participating gas stations. Here is a step by step directory-

  • Scan your Kroger Plus Card under the card scan or punch in your Alt-Id on the keypad manually.
  • Next, you will be prompted to how you would like to avail the discount. Now you can utilize the points you have earned.
  • The discount can be applied, only if you have a balance of more than a hundred fuel points.
  • Also, only 100 fuel points can be redeemed at participating shell gas stations in a single transaction whereas the limit for Kroger gas stations extends up to 1000 fuel points per fill-up.

How to check Kroger Fuel Points?

You can keep track of your Kroger fuel points using any of the following ways –

  • You can locate your current fuel points balance at the bottom of your Kroger Store receipt.
  • Fuel points balance can also be checked using Kroger’s website or by using the Kroger app for iPhone or Android devices. All you need to do is register using your Kroger Plus card number.


How to use the previous month’s fuel points at Kroger?

At the fuel station, select option 2, i.e., change AMT, when prompted. Enter the amount less than or equal to your previous month’s balance. The amount will come from your previous savings first, if available.

When do Kroger fuel points expire?

Fuel points earned in one month will expire at the end of the next month. Keep track of your fuel points so that you don’t lose them!

For example – the fuel points earned in January will expire at the end of February(28/02 or 29/02)

How to check Kroger fuel points online?

  1. Open your computer’s internet browser and search for “”. It will direct you to the Kroger website. 
  2. Go to ‘My account’ and sign in to your account if you already have one. If not, click on ‘Sign up now’ and create your account. 
  3. Once you have signed in look under “ Kroger plus card information” to find your current fuel points balance.

How long does it take to earn Kroger feedback fuel points?

You need to take part in a short Krogerfeedback fuel points survey to earn 50 feedback fuel points. These points are usually added to the account within 3 business days.

Is there a limit on the maximum number of fuel points that can be earned?

No, there is no such limit. You can continue to earn points every time you shop.

What happens to the previous month’s fuel points if they are less than 100?

If the prior month’s fuel points happen to be less than 100, then they cannot be redeemed at any gas station and will eventually expire at the end of the month. Be sure to keep a keen eye on your fuel points balance!


Now that you know all about the Kroger fuel points program grab your shopping bags and hurry to the nearest Kroger store, take the receipt, participate in Kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey and avail the offer!! What are you waiting for?

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