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Kroger Survey for Fuel Points and Related Guidelines

Kroger is a company that has been leading in the retailing industry in America. It is a supermarket chain in which you can buy anything, starting from home goods to groceries, cleaning products to kitchen appliances and tools. As we all know, for a large company to function properly, they need to get all the reliable feedback from their customers that are genuine and legit. That is exactly what the Kroger Feedback Survey does.

Although, the company is benefited by receiving a genuine opinion from its customers to make their service better. The customers, too, are benefited in a good way. If you take a Kroger Feedback, you will receive a chance to attain a free entry into Sweepstakes that will carry out a lottery within a said period. The winner can win up to $5000 cash prize, and the rest of the participants leave with 50 fuel points. So everyone’s a winner.

Kroger Feedback Survey Process – Ways to Participate

If you want to take a Kroger customer satisfaction survey, you will have just a single option. You can only give a survey online on their official website. There is no other way you can provide your feedback to the company. You can use your smart device such as phones or laptops to access the official website of Kroger and give your feedback. After visiting the page of the official website, you can check the section of the feedback provided on it. You need to enter the necessary details in the form. Detailed Kroger feedback Survey Process is covered in the below sections.

Questions asked in Kroger Customer Survey

In this section, you will have a brief idea about the question asked by the Kroger in their survey process. Before starting the survey, you need to provide all the necessary details. After all the details provided, you can start taking the question one by one. 

  • The first question will be related to the departments you have visited during your purchase. There will be several options provided. You can select multiple options among them. The option will be produced, dairy, customer service desk, organic, and others. After selecting all the departments which you have visited during your purchase, click on the Next button. 
  • The second one is related to the overall satisfaction with the service provided by the company. You will be given a few options on the basis of the level of satisfaction. On the basis of your experience, you have to select one of those options and proceed for the next question. 
  • The next question will be related to the level of satisfaction in different segments such as freshness of food items and other products, prices of products, variety, damage, if any, and other issues. You will be provided with the level of satisfaction you need to provide your opinion. After all the options are filled properly, you are free to the next question. 
  • The fourth question will be related to the employees and their attitude towards you. The question will be based on the friendly nature of employees. You will be given a scale of 1 to 5 in which you need to select a number depending on the experience while interacting with employees. 
  • The next section will be provided for the customer in which you can provide your feedback in your own words. Here, you can provide positive as well as negative opinions about anything related to the Kroger. If there is anything that is missing in the given questionnaires of the Kroger customer survey system, you can mention here. You just have to write a paragraph about the issues you have faced. Good things notice any service you want to appreciate and other things. 
  • The last section will ask you about the overall satisfaction of your visit to Kroger. You will be given a different level of satisfaction. You need to choose one of them. The last question in the survey will be related to your next visit to the Kroger outlet. The question will ask you about your interest in paying a visit again to Kroger. You will have an option of yes or no. If you are interested in paying the visit again, choose yes otherwise no and finish the Krogerfeedback survey by clicking the button.

Rules, Requirements, and Eligibility to participate in Kroger Fuel Points Survey

To take a Kroger Feedback, you will have to follow certain norms like rules and requirements. But even before that, you must know whether you are eligible for the feedback or not. Therefore, make sure that you have gone through the details of the prerequisites that we have provided, so that you may not make any mistakes.

Krogerfeedback Survey Rules

  • The Kroger survey for fuel points can be taken only one time.
  • Multiple feedback from different email ids may lead to disqualification.
  • You cannot leave the feedback mid-way; else, it won’t be taken into consideration.
  • A customer needs to complete the entire feedback at one go, or in one entry itself.
  • If you wish to discontinue the feedback process and start, later on, you will have to begin the process afresh with a new invoice number.

Requirements to take Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • A desktop/laptop or a mobile phone/tablet with an active internet service.
  • A Kroger Invoice/Receipt.
  • A feedback code printed on the Invoice.
  • Kroger Store Number.
  • Date and Time of your Invoice.
  • The Invoice should not be more than 7 days old.


  • A person taking the Kroger survey feedback must be at least 18 years old.
  • The Invoice should not be more than 7 days old.
  • You must not have taken Kroger’s feedback previously.

How to participate in the Kroger Customer Feedback Survey? @

A person can make many mistakes while taking a survey, and that is what we don’t want our customers to repeat. Mistakes may happen, such as wrong invoice number, wrong date of invoice number, duplicate entries, fraud emails, answers that are not honest, wrong choice of information, etc. 

Therefore, it is advisable to our readers that make sure you have gone through the rules stated above, and are eligible to participate in the Kroger satisfaction survey process. In this segment, we will guide you step-by-step on how to take the Kroger Survey and increase your chance of winning the lottery.

Step 1: The first step will be to get your laptop or any mobile device ready and full-charged. Make sure that they have an active internet connection, as, without it, you cannot take the survey.

Step 2: Open a web browser of your device. We will recommend you to do it through Google Chrome as it is the fastest and most reliable.

Step 3: Type the following address into the address field of your web browser – and click on the go.

Step 4: Now, while the website is being loaded, get your receipt ready. You will have to enter certain details like the date of the Invoice in which you visited their store, the time during checkout, and also the Entry ID. All of this information will be present in the Invoice. Also, you can choose the language either English or Spanish.

Step 5: Enter Date, Time and Entry ID. When you are done, just click on the start tab, and the feedback process will be initiated.

Step 6: The questions will be displayed to you in a systematic order that is one after another. Make sure that you choose the correct answer, and it should be honest and based upon what you feel.

Step 7: The Kroger feedback forum has an additional option for their customers in which they can provide additional comments on the respective section. So, you can fill up this box, if you feel like some additional comments need to be provided.

Step 8: When all the questions have been answered successfully, the customer will have to provide his personal information like name, email id, phone number, address, etc. 

Step 9: All the personal information provided in the survey is to be kept discrete, and they will be used to mark your entry into the Sweepstakes lottery. 

What if your receipt won’t have the entry ID?

Step 10: If you not have the entry ID on your receipt, you can go for other option. Just click on “I do not have a survey entry ID on my receipt” present above the start button on survey page.

Step 11: Now enter the store phone number, time, date and start the Kroger fuel points survey. And the remaining process is same as mentioned below.

Why am I unable to take the Kroger Satisfaction Survey?

There are three reasons due to which you might not be able to take the survey. The first reason will be an invalid bill number. You need to enter an authentic bill number in order to provide a survey. The second reason due to which you will be unable to provide the survey is because you are not aged above 18 years old. To provide feedback, you should be at least 18 years old. You need to provide a Kroger customer feedback survey within 7 days of your purchase. You cannot provide feedback after 7 days. If you meet all the requirements, you are good to start and grab your Kroger fuel points survey.

More about Kroger

Kroger is a multinational company established in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. The first branch of Kroger was set in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger is one of the largest revenue-generating companies in the current market. The main business of the company is retail. At present, they have over 3000 and more outlets throughout the world. 

They have supermarkets, multi-storage departments as well as departmental stores. You will find all the important things you need for your household purpose here. In some outlets, there are jewelry shops as well. 

The first shop opened by Bernard Kroger was just a grocery shop. He was the son of a famous merchant. With the motive of providing goods to all the customers in all corners of the world, he decided to expand his business. Thus, he started the venture of establishing different outlets by Bernard.

Kroger Customer Service Information

Office Address:

The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Phone Number: 1-866-221-4141

Official Website Address:


Where to find your entry id for Kroger feedback?

To find the entry id for Kroger feedback, you will have to go through the Invoice provided to you after you have checked out. The Invoice will have the entry ID printed on it.

Kroger feedback once per week based on what?

This format is based on the protocol, where a customer will have to provide the entry ID of an invoice that is not more than 7 days old. Any receipt that is more than 7 days old will be disqualified. A customer can attempt to provide feedback only once per week.

Why doesn’t my Kroger receipt have a feedback code?

In case your Kroger receipt does not have a feedback code, then the reason may either be some technical fault, or the company might not be taking any feedback at that moment. In case it is a technical fault, you can ask the cashier to rectify it and provide you with a feedback code. However, you can also take the survey with out entry ID by entering store phone number, date and time.

Where to send a letter to a feedback letter to Kroger?

In case you want to send a feedback letter to Kroger, all you have to do is mail your letter to their official headquarters address which is,  

The Kroger Co.
Customer Relations
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

How to do the Kroger survey with no purchase?

You can never do a Kroger Survey with no purchase, as the entire policy of doing a survey is to get their customer’s valid feedback based on their shopping experience. You will have to buy at least one item from Kroger to be eligible to participate in their feedback.

Summing it all

The Kroger Survey is one medium through which you can earn almost $5000 cash prize, just by answering a few questions honestly. Not only that, but the process also makes sure that every participant is a winner by giving them 50 fuel points even for participating. Our guidelines will give you all the necessary details that will help you in taking the feedback easily.

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