Chrome’s Freeze Tab Feature seems a reality soon; Helps to reduce your RAM usage

It seems like Chrome can soon give us all relief from the tedious and RAM consuming multiple tabs that are opened in the background. After all, Chrome had been eating up on a lot of memory, which it seems shall be history soon. This feature of Google Chrome is called Tab Freezing and is currently in its very early stages.

Often users have no idea and are totally mindless about the plethora of tabs that are there at the back, which they have already left opened while using Google chrome. Many times users need to have multiple tabs opened to read and research and work on multiple applications at the same time. And there is no reason and justification why they would approve their browser consuming that much of space and slowing the system down.

So certainly Google talks about its new ‘freeze’ feature, and this is definitely some good news, all you guys! Google knows already that Chrome needed better and more efficient means for the management of the resource. The search giant has been equally devoted to releasing several tools that have helped in the past to reduce the impact it has on system performance.

Among those features, one that was significantly meant for better and efficient memory usage was the Tab Discarding feature, which Google had rolled out earlier. Through this feature, the emphasis was led on purpose, which was specially put in place to improve the way the Chrome browser allocated resources for each of the running tabs. This, in turn, enabled the Chrome browser to cut on tabs that exploited more RAM, thereby cutting on the usage of much space. It cleared part of the clutter.

This earlier feature monitored tabs and kept a close watch on those tabs which were opened in the background. The feature in the browse stepped in and cut off the ones not being used currently by the user. This was done to make sure they were not enabled or active, nor were they reloaded in the background.

Now additionally on rolling out of the freezing tabs feature, this would then surely help to prevent resources from being allocated to all those other tabs which are opened at the same time, but without the user needing it. And without any doubt, it will be very effective towards improving system performance. This is particularly beneficial when users already run low on memory. This betters the memory allocation, frees up space, and also enhances system speed altogether.

What differentiates this tool from the previous others, is the power that it entrusts in the hands of users. It provides users with the added advantage to configure how the whole thing works, and more essentially, for how long the tabs shall be suspended i.e., the duration of freezing of the tabs, with the help of adjustment in flags section.

The user can access the feature after enabling it from the flags screen. Though it can be a bit uneasy to realize the flag tool at first, this is no tough task as such. These are the following five different choices for this flag feature: Default, Enabled, Enabled freeze – no unfreeze, Enabled freeze – unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes and Disabled

All these options provide you with control in your hands as you would like to have it done. With the Default option, as is obvious, freezing would be seen as the default. Enabling it comes with further subdivisions with no unfreeze and timely unfreeze options. So depending upon your needs, you can set that too.

It is equally important to mention here that this tool has been designed and hence will be available for users who are using the latest version of Chrome. Canary release is the most recent one. So kindly make sure first of all, that you are operating only the most recent Chrome Canary. And if not, you must go and update it to use the tool. On a side note, it is still unclear if everyone can access the tool, or it is available to only some selected few since it is being tested currently.

Also, the flags option seems a bit uneasy and off-beat for the common users, which make up for the majority of the browser’s user base. So it is expected that an easier interface is brought up so that more and more users can benefit from this.

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