Google teaming up with Mobile security firms to get rid of malicious apps before they hit Play Store

Google is teaming up with several mobile security firms to get rid of bad apps from the Google Play Store even before they make it to the Play Store. Google has decided to do a partnership with three different private cybersecurity firms, like Lookout, ESET, and Zimperium. They are going to call this project ‘App Defense Alliance’.

Google wishes to detect malignant malware and threats before they make it to the Play Store and cause trouble for Android users. The announcement was made on Wednesday, where each of the above-mentioned companies confirmed their participation in the App Defense Alliance. They wish to put a stop on all the bad apps from reaching the users and disrupting their devices.

Google has been struggling to deal with malicious apps for the past few years. Even though all the applications are scanned and checked for threats and malware, but they still tend to make it to the Play Store. The tech giant has also been accused of not taking enough action to strain out such problems.

Android users are over 2.5 billion and counting. This makes android phones an easy target for malware, or to spy on sensitive user data. Just in the past year, Google has taken action against several developers who released advertisements that scammed the users. The main aim of this project is to be able to curb the security threats by detecting them as soon as possible, improving threat scans before the apps are published on Google Play.

Usually, what happens is that when a developer creates an app and submits the app, the employees at Google scan the app using Google Play protect and a system called bouncer. In the past, these two systems have been able to detect thousands of malware apps that made it to the Play store. But it did not provide the absolute security block because certain trojans and ransomware still made it to the store.

Over the years, all the malware and ransomware creators have been able to create resistant strains to breach all the security walls created by Google in order to protect the Android phones. The process is pretty simple; a user simply downloads an innocent-looking app.

Once downloaded, the malware is dropped later on if once the app is installed on the phones. Another method where the malware makes it to the phones is when they are timed with a delayed-release. Initially, the app will not show or detect any signs of threat, but after a certain amount of time, the malware launches itself, cleverly bypassing Google security.

By using these methods, several malicious apps have made it to the Google Play Store. The App Defense Alliance will have integrated threat detection systems where they will scan each other’s engines, according to Dave Kleidermacher.

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