Google won’t give unlimited photo uploads storage at original quality for Pixel 4 buyer’s

“No place is boring if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.” They say that a picture worth a thousand words, but what if the new Google Pixel 4 says that there is not enough room for such a wonderful storytelling picture on your phone.

Yup, your hunch is just right! But do allow me to clarify your doubts about it. The greatest advantage of owning a Google pixel is its free unlimited backups to Google photos in high resolution. But the same may not be true for the new Google Pixel 4 buyers.

The new Google Pixel 4 and 4XL comes without this great liberty of unlimited storage at Original quality. iPhone users always have to be wary about their storage, but this wasn’t the case with Pixel users. But now it seems to be!

Google Pixel 3 users can still enjoy their unlimited storage until 1st January 2022. And therefore, don’t need to bother themselves for the time being about this new change in Pixel features. But the same is not true for the Pixel 4 users.

Why the change? Reason? Well, well… Let me answer this question for you. The real reason is Google one Subscriptions. Google one subscription allows you 100 GB storage for your files, and the memberships come with a small monthly fee, which starts at $1.99 and also enables the Family sharing option.

However, with this change, the Pixel 4 is just like any other device in the market, at least in ‘unlimited photos storage at original quality’ area. Photos uploads for high quality would still be unlimited but not at original quality. If you like to take loads of snaps and enjoy photography as a part of your hobby, you may need to subscribe to Google one subscription, if a user of Google Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL.

Original picture quality in Pixel 4 would take a lot of storage, just like on any other pixel model. And if you’re a frequent camera user, covering the built-in amount of storage in your phone would be just a piece of cake.

And to boost up the subscription for Google one the company is also introducing a 90 days free trial in the same in Google Pixel 4 at 100 GB option, which comes at $1.99. Once the free trial is up, the users will have to decide whether they want to continue with the subscription or not. Some very reluctant users who don’t want to compromise with original quality photos may end up subscribing to the mere $2 fee of Google one for extra storage.

But one thing is for sure that despite the Google one subscription, the Pixel 4 users have to be wary of their storage as Google has reportedly confirmed the unlimited storage for Original quality photos is no longer available.

However, this change may invite a wave of gripes among the existing Pixel users with the very advantage of owning a Pixel, ‘Unlimited photos storage at original quality’ gone and may even hinder its sales. Although dealing with less storage space will probably won’t be a tough task to accomplish to some while others may have to revert to Google one subscriptions.

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