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Participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey and Win Lucky Prizes!!!

Kroger has implemented a very interesting technique of getting feedback from its customers. Well, it has prepared a short questionnaire or survey for its customers. These may be just a few questions regarding the entire shopping experience with Kroger, the staff friendliness quotient, cleanliness of the store, and so on.

People participating in the survey have a chance of winning gift cards, digital coupons, fuel points, and so on. To take this survey, customers need to visit the site

Krogerfeedback Survey Importance

Kroger has always cared about its customer preferences. It has strived to offer its customers the best of services. Thus, it has prepared a survey for customers so that it can traverse the path of continuous improvements as per the likes of its customers.

The gifts promised to the customers are usually credited to the Kroger Shoppers card of the customer within 4-5 minutes of taking the survey.

What are the Gifts offered for taking part in Kroger Survey Feedback?

Kroger has a variety of gifts to offer to those taking part in the survey. It is offering gift cards ranging from $5000 to $250 as well as $100 gift cards. People also have a chance of receiving digital coupons, that are known as Kroger feedback digital coupons. They are denoted as such because they can be won by participating in the survey.

As this survey has been created to know the customer opinions about the whole shopping experience at Kroger, and since it offers so many gifts, it can be referred to as Kroger customer satisfaction survey

The Kroger customer feedback digital coupons can be added to the customer’s Plus Card. These can be used at the time of check out. Kroger is also providing 50 bonus fuel points to the survey winners in addition to the above-mentioned prizes.

For this 2019 survey, one lucky winner gets a reward of $5000. The remaining ones are entitled to receive digital coupons and gift cards worth $250 as well as $100. A few of them would receive 50 additional fuel points.

The table below mentions all the details of the survey, such as the validity requirement for participating in the survey, entry methods, the link for the survey, and so on. Take a look.

Entry MethodsOnline or by post (mail)
RewardsThe mega winner gets a $5000 worth gift card.
Other lucky winners get gift cards worth $250 and $100.
Participants also receive Kroger digital coupons and up to 50 Kroger fuel points.
ValidityShould hold a valid Kroger receipt not older than 7 days.
Required Age18 years
LanguagesEnglish and Spanish

What are the Fuel Points?

Kroger grocery customers may wonder how can fuel points help them out. Well, let us understand this concept. These fuel points are pretty useful to lower down bills at a gas station. 

Apart from groceries, Kroger has also set up its gas stations. At present, there are about 1500 of them. However, before filling gas at either of their stations, one must know how to utilize these fuel points.

The Kroger fuel points are a part of a loyalty program such that it benefits customers every time they fill gas at either of their stations. These fuel points can save up to 10 cents to $1 of amount for every gallon of gas which is filled. The fuel points and their discounts are as follows:

  • For 100 fuel points, the discount provided is about 10 cents per gallon.
  • For 200 fuel points, the discount provided is about 20 cents per gallon.
  • Similarly, one can end up saving about $1 per gallon if he has that many numbers of fuel points accumulated in his shopper’s card.

There are various methods of accumulating these fuel points. Out of which, undoubtedly, one method is by Krogerfeedback fuel points survey, wherein a person is entitled to win 50 of them. Fuel points obtained in this manner can also be called as Krogerfeedback gas points.

What they usually ask in Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The Kroger survey intends to improve its services based on valuable feedback provided by its customers. The questions asked in the survey are usually based on the following areas:

  • The overall shopping experience at Kroger
  • Neatness factor of the Kroger stores
  • Staff behavior and co-operation
  • Product quality of the items
  • Whether all the required items are available
  • Any issues experienced during the shopping
  • Whether Kroger shopping can be recommended to friends and relatives
  • Shopping experience and satisfaction level when using digital coupons for shopping

Certain questions may require the customer or the participant to provide a rating. This can be anything between 1 to 7. Customers can provide the rating as per their individual experiences. 

Finally, once all the questions have been answered, the survey participants are required to provide their details such as name, phone number and complete residential address. Once the step of providing personal details is done with, the survey is completed.

Ways to participate in the Kroger Survey

There can be two methods to participate in the Kroger satisfaction survey:

1. Through Kroger Survey Website (online method)

Participants or customers of Kroger can access the link by visiting the following path on their website: However, before participating in the Kroger online survey, ensure that all the required things are in place.

Once the important factors are checked upon, visit the link mentioned above and enter the date, time, and Entry ID in the space provided. Now, the survey details can be filled in. 

The answers to the questions put forth in the survey should be based on personal experiences while shopping at Kroger. Ratings (between 1 to 7) should be provided based on the entire shopping experience. In places where any comments or suggestions are requested, the same should be entered accordingly. 

Finally, once all the questions have been answered, and the comments have been put-in at the required places, participants are required to provide their name, address, and email address. This is required to contact the winners accordingly.

Thus, the Kroger fuel points survey through online is completed. 

2. Participation through Mail or Post (offline method)

By mail, we mean that the details of the survey need to be sent by post to the following address: Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547

The participant must ensure that he has a postcard. All he has to do is fill in the details of the survey and send the same to the above-mentioned address. 

The participant should ensure that the entered date is not beyond the 8th of that particular month to participate in the sweepstakes.

Things needed to do Kroger Satisfaction Survey

People participating in the survey by online method need to have,

  • A laptop, desktop, or mobile phone (in good working condition).
  • An Internet connection whose speed is pretty decent.
  • Kroger receipt obtained at the time of purchase. Check the validity of the Entry ID on the receipt. It should not be more than 7 days old.

For those who wish to participate via mail, only a postcard is essential.

Eligibility to take part in Kroger Customer Feedback Survey

Some eligibility criteria have been decided upon by Kroger to be able to participate in its survey:

  • Participant must be a customer of Kroger
  • He/she should be above 18 years of age
  • Participant must be fluent in either English/Spanish
  • He/she should be holding a valid Kroger receipt
  • Receipt validity should not be more than 7 days

Rules and Conditions to be followed in Kroger Survey

Apart from the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, there are some of the rules and conditions as a part of the Kroger survey that is to be kept in mind: 

  • No payment of any kind is to be made to take part in the survey. Payments of any kind do not ensure any wins. 
  • Kroger employees cannot participate in the survey
  • Participant must be a resident of America (exceptions allowed for Florida, New York, and Rhode Island)
  • A person cannot win more than one prize.
  • One grand prize winner and about 100 other lucky winners are selected through a lucky draw around the 10th of every month. 

How to do Kroger Customer Survey?

Participants wishing to take part in the survey need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the website Once the webpage opens, follow the steps mentioned below.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Image

Step 2: The location of the Kroger store last visited needs to be entered.

Step 3: The time, date, and entry ID, as mentioned in the receipt, should be entered.

Step 4: Choose any of the departments from where purchases have been made from the available list of options (Deli, Frozen Foods, Meat/Seafood, Bakery, Dairy, Organic Food)

Step 5: Next rate the satisfactory factor from the available list of options (Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied). Once done, click on “Next” to proceed further.

Step 6: Further, provide ratings with regards to how clean and well-maintained the store was, and how co-operative the staff at the store were. Also, rate the quality of the products purchased.

Step 7: Any problem faced during the entire shopping period should be mentioned in detail in the next question, if at all.

Step 8: Further, suggestions can be provided. Remember that regular suggestions given by the customer can drastically help in improving the products and services of the company.

Step 9: Finally, to receive the benefit of fuel points through this Kroger feedback 50 fuel points survey, the loyalty card details need to be provided. If a loyalty card is not available, then provide details like Name, Address, City, State, ZIP code, Mobile number, and email. These details are essential to contact the winners.

Kroger’s Sweepstakes Winners List

The following are the latest winners of the Kroger customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes:

  1. Thomas O – 180674
  2. Gladys V – 110352 – Atlanta
  3. Gayla L – 110394 – Atlanta
  4. Joseph R – 110446 – Atlanta
  5. Robert K – 110632 – Atlanta
  6. Carol R – 110694 – Atlanta
  7. Lacey W – 110694 – Atlanta
  8. Phyllis H – 210418 – Central
  9. Kim W – 210710 – Central
  10. Ashley G – 210857 – Central

About Kroger and its Products

Kroger Co. was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. He put in his entire life savings to start a grocery store in Cincinnati. In the next 130 years, Kroger happened to become one of the biggest retailers in America. There are about 2800 stores in around 35 states of the country.

The famous departments in most of Kroger’s supermarkets are bakery products, meat, and seafood. Kroger’s grocery outlets also have a wholesome stock of basic groceries, organic veggies, natural foods, and hot ready-to-eat foods.

Apart from food and groceries, Kroger also has its pharmacies. To date, it has about 2255 pharmacies that operate within its stores. Kroger prescriptions touch a whopping 238 million every year. Kroger also has a network of floral shops set across the entire country, making it a very well-known florist. Kroger also has gas stations put up across its 1545 shopping centers. This has been done to enable customers to fill-up gas easily during their shopping.

At present, Kroger boasts of its supermarkets, gas-stations, multi-department stores as well as jewelry stores.

Kroger Customer Support

Where is Kroger Headquarters? – It is situated at Cincinnati


The Kroger Co. Headquarters 1014 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Contact details

Call Center (Open Mon. – Fri from 8 am – 9 pm EST) – 1-866-221-4141

Corporate Switchboard – (513) 762-4000

Social Media

Kroger can be followed on: 

Kroger Near me

On the Kroger Store locator, one needs to enter the ZIP Code or the city and the state and then click on the “Search” button in order to look for the nearest store. The user can also look out for the nearest store using his current location.


How much do I have to purchase to be able to enter on the Kroger feedback?

There is no such minimum purchase amount. Any amount of purchase can enable a customer to participate in the survey.

How to give feedback about Kroger pharmacy?

An email containing the feedback can be written to the customer services department.

Why doesn’t my Kroger receipt have a feedback code?

Every receipt does not necessarily have a feedback code. It is generated randomly. If somebody still wishes to provide feedback, they can directly contact customer care or send feedback by post.

When do Kroger feedback points post to account?

The feedback points get posted to the account almost instantly. Check the account in 4-5 minutes.

Why did Krogerexperience change to Krogerfeedback?

This feedback was designed to know the opinions of customers.

How do Kroger fuel points work?

These fuel points are a part of a Loyalty program that can be used while filling gas at any of the Kroger gas stations. They help in reducing the bill amount at a Kroger gas station.

How to do Kroger survey with no purchase?

People who are interested in participating in the Kroger customer survey without making a purchase can do so by post. All they need is a postcard filled correctly with their name, address, and phone number. They should post it to the required address.

Where is the Kroger survey entry ID located on the receipt?

Usually, the entry ID is mentioned specifically on the receipt below the date and time.

How many times a week can you enter a receipt on Kroger survey?

Only one survey can be filled in with the entry ID mentioned on a receipt. If there are two receipts with entry IDs, then the survey can be filled-in twice.

How to remain anoynmous filling out kroger survey?

One cannot remain anonymous while filling out the survey.

How can I utilize the $5000 gift card?

Once the user receives a $5000 gift card, the same can be redeemed during the next visit with the help of a validation code.

Can I see what dates I did Krogerfeedback Survey?

Kroger feedback survey records only the receipt date and not the survey date.


Thus, customers can participate in the Kroger survey feedback, voice out their opinions and win exciting prizes. Customers who have received an entry ID are requested to make full use of this opportunity by entering in the survey.